What does ALF stand for?

Animal Liberation Front

What is the ALF?

The ALF, or Animal Liberation Front, is a name under which anyone can take non-violent illegal action against animal abuse. For example liberating animals from laboratories or farms, or by destroying equipment used to torture or kill animals.


What´s the difference betwen animal liberation and animal rights activists?

This is more of a philosophical difference than anything else and many people use the terms interchangeably. Utilitarian philosophers like Peter Singer use the term "animal liberation" whereas others like Tom Regan prefer the term "animal rights".

Does the money raised from arkangel go to the prisoners?

The money "ARKANGEL" makes through the sales of the magazine and t-shirts is just enough to support the publication of the magazine. However Arkangel has set up the "Barry Horne Memorial Fund", that arranges events,the money from those events is then placed into the fund which in turn donates money to a variety of animal rights campaigns and organisations.

Are you all vegans or are there also vegetarians in your alf group?

Most ALF activists are vegan, because it would be hypocritical and logically inconsistent if they were not. That said I guess they are some people who feel strongly enough to take action about one particular area of animal abuse e.g. vivisection but still partake in other forms of animal abuse themselves. Hopefully they eventually see the links and renouce all forms of animal abuse though.

·  What is a vegan?

A vegan is someone who avoids eating or using any products that involve animal cruelty. This includes not eating meat, eggs or dairy products, and not wearing fur or leather. Also by avoiding products made by companies that experiment on animals. A vegetarian on the other hand just avoids eating meat and would contribute to the cruelties involved in the battery chicken or dairy industry.


·  Is beer vegan?

Some is, some isn't. Cask-conditioned 'real ales' are clarified using isinglass, which is a form of gelatine usually obtained from fish. Keg, canned and bottled beers are usually filtered without the use of animal substances, but this is not true for all companies. Contact the Vegan Society or see IsItVegan website for more details.


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